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Sometimes you need a little bit of help, sometimes a lot. Our free resources are meant to get you pointed in the right direction – with the end goal of converting more clients. Choose the right one for you, and if you have any questions, we’re always here to help.




Sometimes you need a bit of help to get ahead in business. You may have all the right skills to build a product or deliver a service, but running a business that provides products or services is quite different. Bookable can guide you in the right direction in the following areas:


By far the most common frustrations we comes across are to do with marketing & business strategy. A solid business strategy will get you running and keep your cash flow cycling evenly. A great marketing strategy will help you consistently reach new and existing customers.

Personal Performance

Overcoming personal obstacles is the second most common problem area we help with. Many times business owners hold themselves back from their own success. You might be fearful of speaking in front of crowds, or shying away from pricing your products or time correctly. We can provide you with performance coaching to help you stay focused on building a successful business or team.

If you would like to learn more about improving your Personal Performance, we have teamed with Elaine Flook, the leading Performance Therapist in the South East. You can read her articles here.


Content is king and without it, you might be able to get clients to your website – but if it doesn’t say anything new, web traffic will continue to float on by. If your website isn’t converting for you – most of the time this is due to your content not being engaging enough. Bookable specializes in helping it’s clients with the following:

  • engaging content that speaks to your audience
  • content that builds brands
  • paid media

It’s important to remember, content isn’t just for your website. You need to be posting to other platforms and most importantly, building your email list.

Digital solutions

Once you have some great content, you need a wonderful format to display it in. Your website is the display window of all your efforts, yet it’s often the first thing people focus on. It’s a bit like buying a retail shop AND THEN deciding what type of business is going to fill it. Make sure you have a great business plan, product and content BEFORE you get to this stage.

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