Pre-register for the Bookable CRM


At Bookable we believe in helping your business succeed. We consult with hundreds of businesses each year, mostly about marketing. Through this work we have created a CRM based upon how small business owners tackle their daily workflow. It is our way of helping you build your business without experiencing the pitfalls we see many people go through.

Our goal is to create the worlds first business management platform – meaning you will be able to run your small business from one spot at a price a small business owner can afford.

CURRENT PHASE: Phase 1 – early adopters receive access for £15 a month for the life of their account.


How does it work?

As we roll out functionality in subsequent phases, the price will increase for new users until we reach our complete product goal. Which ever phase you begin at, your price will always remain at that level for the life of your account.

It’s our way of saying thanks for helping us grow as we help you grow.

What’s the plan?

Currently we are at Phase 1 (from £15/month for up to 3 users) which provides you with:
1. A simple CRM – keep track of clients with tasks & notes
2. Book appointments with our booking system (linked to your website & CRM)
3. Collaborate with other small business owners by sharing tasks (project management)
and integrate calendars

March 2020 – Phase 2 we will be adding:
1. Automated sales pipelines that create your tasks for you (no need to update the CRM manually)
2. Business analytics – a business plan that integrates with your CRM to keep
on track to your revenue goals
3. Bookable profile & business directory to help you advertise your business

July 2020 – Phase 3 we will be adding:
1. A content calendar to schedule posts to social media accounts
2. Invoice your client directly from the platform (integrating with quickbooks / xero)
3. Send a proposal to a client.

October 2020 – Phase 4 we will be adding:
4. The bookable app – Bookable CRM functionality on the go