At Bookable we work to create great apps for your business and your website. Many times, behind the best apps lies a bit of math. Math can be used for some terrific things, and tracking a virus outbreak is no different.

This page is meant as a guide based on statistical growth rates of coronavirus we are seeing here in the UK. It is not to be considered gospel, or official guidance. Rather, use this as a guide to make your own decisions for you and your family.

I’ve been tracking the numbers since the outbreak began in the UK. These numbers are based on UK cases only, as reported by
Public Health England
every day. The rest is pure statistics based on historical UK data and what happens day by day.

How to use this page: 

Country information: Click “Map Information” in the blue bar below to investigate the total cases and rate of growth of any country in the world.

Predicted cases: scroll down to the orange column to track predicted cases in the coming days and weeks.

~ Martin Knapp  Founder