As a business, you want people to be able to find you and also buy from you. But why should they buy your product or service? Why deviate from their usual path and become a customer of yours? What are you offering that’s different? Creating unique content is crucial to your success.

So, how do you create unique content that’s aligned with you and your brand values?


What is your unique selling point?


Start by really figuring out how you are different from all the other companies in your industry. What is the added value you’re offering?

It might be exceptional customer service, or maybe your less expensive. Refine what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd.


Dare to be different


It can be very tempting to follow a tried and tested formula that everyone else is doing. But will this give you the results you want?

If all your competitors are offering the same thing, have the same style of advertising in the same way, why would their customers come to you? You look the same and sound the same; there is no driver to leave.

You want people to remember you, so you need to shine and be uniquely you.

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Break the rules


Someone once said ‘rules are there to be broken’. So what if something has always been done a certain way, if you have a belief based on experience, facts, data or just a gut feeling, then be brave and go with it.

Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert fame was told when he created his first website that it wouldn’t be successful. Because he refused to have banner ads and no-one was doing personally branded websites, but he insisted on having his picture for everyone to see. Breaking all the rules was one of the reasons he was successful.

As Martin Lewis says on his YouTube video here – if you’re the first, and it’s good, you’re the best.

If you are still a little nervous about whether your plans will have legs, then use A/B testing to test out your theory. For example, you could run two different ads at the same time and see which one performs better.


Sound like you


If you or your brand is not ultra corporate, then don’t create content that makes you sound or appear overly formal.

If people meet you or your employees networking, then log on to your website, they want to see continuity in how you present yourselves, how you talk about your product, the language you use. Especially if you as the business owner are your brand.

Your content should reflect the company you have and its values. Getting the right tone and voice is crucial. It will mean that your brand becomes easily recognizable just from how you present yourself on and offline.


Use your own experience


We all experience things in our own unique way, so why not write about your personal experience in your niche market. This might be how you approached a problem, a case study of how you helped a client, personal experience as a business owner that your audience would find valuable etc.

Share your thoughts on a topic, and it will always be unique to you.


These are just a few tips for creating content that connects with your audience and is uniquely you. If you’re not sure who your audience is, are stuck for content ideas, or just want to outsource your content creation then we can help. Get in touch with us at to for a no-obligation chat.


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